Gentle Art of Learning for the 21st Century


As a child I was first introduced to the teachings of Charlotte Mason from my grandmother, who had been home educated with Charlotte’s philosophy of education. Upon entering the 21st Century my husband and I decided we wanted to home educate our child using Charlotte’s method, but needed guidance in the process. Through a friend I discovered Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s book “For the Children’s Sake.”

In her book Susan uses a conversational tone to tell you her own story of how she came to be introduced to Charlotte Mason and her teachings. The author takes you on a journey of Charlotte’s educational philosophy beginning with “What Is Education?, Children Are Born Persons, Authority and Freedom, A New Perspective, Education: A Science of Relationships, The Way of the Will, Reason and Unity of the Whole.”

“For the Children’s Sake” is an excellent introduction to the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason.
If you would like to continue to read about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, I would highly recommend the “Original Homeschooling Series.”
Kathy Alphs

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