Complete Oral Language Course for Young Children


I can not sing the praises of this curriculum enough! We utilized this curriculum in our homeschool during the year our child was a kindergartner (5-6 years old) and they loved it! Language and Thinking for Young Children was written by Dr. Ruth Beechick as a complete years course in oral language for young children in Grades Kindergarten through Third. The curriculum is divided into eight units: vocabulary/thinking skills, lanugage games, memorizing, learning about telephones, enjoying poetry, manners and learning on trips. The lessons are easy to follow, with the instructions being brief and clear. The lessons are easy adaptable to fit different situations and they are FUN to do! This is a great curriculum to use along with “Peak With Books” or Trish Kuffner’s “Picture Book Activities.”
I would highly recommend following this curriculum with either “Learning Language Arts through Literature” by Debbie Strayer or “First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise.
Kathy Alphs


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