Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary

Early American History Primary Pack

Last spring my husband picked up the newly arrived Beautiful Feet homeschooling catalog and began reading it. Why he decided to read it I have no idea, other than the fact the catalog is about history, his favorite subject. After reading through the catalog we decided to order the Early American History Primary curriculum for our homeschool to utilize with our child for second to third grade.
Early American History Primary is authored by homeschooling mother and former teacher, Rea Berg. Early American History Primary is based on the teachings of British educator, Charlotte Mason as described in Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s book “For the Children’s Sake.” The curriculum covers the time period from Leif the Lucky to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. “Living books” such as “The Courage of Sarah Noble, George Washington’s Breakfast, DAualire’s Leif the Lucky, Columbus, Pochahontas, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Buffalo Bill” are the backbone of the curriculum. Notebooking is incorporated into each lesson so at the end of the year your student will have a hand made book of what they have studied. The only negative comment I will make about this curriculum is the choice of “America’s Providential History.” This particular book is written for adults. However it can be omitted from the curriculum without any problem for those parents who wish to do so.
Overall our family has been very pleased with Early American History Primary.
In the future we look forward to purchasing additional history curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books.


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