Horizons Math: Kindergarten

horizons math

My husband and I both have employment backgrounds which are based on mathematical concepts.
So when chooosing a math program for our homeschool we had the following criteria:
1. The mathematical concepts had to be in a precept format, with the reviewing of concepts already learned for reinforcement.
2. The program had to be parent/child friendly.
3. The program had to “engage” our child in the world of mathematics.
After looking at every homeschooling math curriculum available on the market we chose Alpha Omega’s Horizons Math. Our entire family has enjoyed using this curriculum, it is a joy to have fun with math!
The only thing I would point out is Horizons is an advanced program. The kindergarten set is first grade level, the first grade set is second grade level, the second grade set is third grade level and so on.

Kathy Alphs


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