The Handwriting Curriculum Which Definitely Lives Up To It’s Name!


As a homeschooling parent I have reviewed the countless handwriting curriculua that are available for purchase. Many of the programs are all “whistles and bells” without much substance. After extensive reviewing my husband and I selected the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for our homeschool. Handwriting Without Tears was developed by occupational therapist Jan Olsen in response to her sons need for remedial handwriting. This curriculum works well with students of all levels, especially those who are developing their motor skills or those who have cognative/physical impairments. This particular worktext focuses on “getting set for school”, featuring a kid friendly format while focusing on writing readiness and forming the upper case letters and numbers. This curriculum includes the following worktexts: PreK: My First School Book, Kindergarten: Letters and Number for Me, First Grade: My Printing Book, Second Grade: Printing Power, Third Grade: Cursive Handwriting, Fourth Grade: Cursive Success. This program definitely lives up to it’s name, I have seen the success in our own home.
Kathy Alphs


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