Alfred is Awesome!

After taking piano lessons for three years, spending a considerable sum for the teachers time/expertise while utilizing the “latest teaching method” which I did not care for I almost gave up playing the piano completely. However one day I was looking through a homeschooling catalog when I noticed the “Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course”. I liked the review I read of the product and decided to order it. What did I have to loose? I sat down at the piano the very next week with my lesson book, after playing through several of the lessons I was hooked! Alfred’s course takes you back to the fundamental basics of music and piano. After all if you don’t learn the basics you are lost. The lesson book I ordered came with a CD which has been very helpful in doing the lessons. Alfred produces other books to round out the series: finger aerobics, theory, sacred, christmas and greatest hits music. This program is great for those who love independant study or are limited in the amount of time/money they can spend on piano lessons. Alfred also produces a series for children in a kid friendly format,Music for Little Mozart’s, Alfred’s Prep Course, and Alfred’s Basic Piano Course. Alfred makes music fun for everyone!

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