Great Learning Tool for Pre K – Grade 1

We received the “Developing the Early Learner” series workbooks, 1-4 as part of our literature based Pre K program. DEL is divided into 4 areas: motor skills, visual skills, auditory skills and comprehension skills. Motor skills include L-R tracking, hand eye, and mazes. Visual skills include similarities, memory, figure ground. Auditory skills include similarities, memory and rhyming. Comprehension skills include associations, sequence and language. The format of the worktext is black/white illustrations, which are perfect for practicing those coloring skills.
These worktexts are great for utilizing with your child to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. You can then work on those areas which need improvement, returning to the DEL as needed to check your childs progress.
We utilize this series along with the “Everything For Early Learning Preschool”.
I gave this product 4 stars as our child preferred the “Everything for Early Learning Preschool” over this product.
Kathy Alphs

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