Good Series For Those Learning To Read


I purchased the ETC Primers ABC as an extra supplement to our homeschooling program. The primers are divided into three books: Primer A teaches the consonants b,f,m,k,r,t. Primer B teaches the consonants p,j,h,s,n,d. Primer C teaches the consonants c,l,g,w,y,v,z,q,x. There are twelve worktext pages for each letter. Your child will learn the sound of each letter. The concept of same/different, how to trace the shape of the letter with their finger, prewriting skills, and how to write the letter itself in lowercase. The series is geared toward children who are just learning their letters/sounds. If your child already knows the alphabet/sounds and is reading I would suggest utilizing Book 1 which is more challenging.
Kathy Alphs


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