Around the World in 36 Weeks

I purchased “Galloping the Globe” because my child wanted to study children in other countries and cultures.
Galloping the Globe is a unit study which is designed to take you around the world in 1-3 years. The unit study is written for Kindgergarten through Fourth Grade. The curriculum is divided into the seven contients and countries within the contients. Each country is divided into the following sections: people/history, general reference books, literature, science, vocabulary, music/art projects, internet resources and the Bible.
The weaknesses of the curriculum are:
1. The curriculum has no set schedule, you will have to create your own.
2. The science section is an introduction to the animal kingdom. If your child loves science you will have to supplement with additional materials/experiments.
The strengths of this curriculum are:
1. There is a wealth of information in this unit study, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. However you can pick and choose what sections you would like to cover and what resources to utilize.
2. The cookbook “Eat Your Way Around the World” is an excellant resource for cooking up culinary delights from other cultures.
3. The curriculum is extremely affordable.
4. The section on “Christmas Around the World” gives you an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the tradition of other countries and cultures.
5. The Yahoo Group which is owned by the author is a great place to meet other families who are utilizing this curriculum.
Additional resources we are utilizing to complete our journey of “around the world in 36 weeks” are: V.M. Hillyer’s “A Child’s Geography of the World”, The Walt Disney/Walden Media version of “Around the World in 80 Days”, DK Children Just Like Me, DK Children Just Like Me Celebrations, DK Animal Encyclopedia, and Heaven’s Heroes.

Kathy Alphs



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