Tool Box Approach To Understanding/Implementing Charlotte Mason

Last summer I began to search for a book using the “tool box” approach to the Charlotte Mason method/philosophy of education for the Charlotte Mason Group I facilitate. While going through my stack of books I came upon this gem. Catherine Levison, a homeschooling mother of five, uses the “tool box” approach of applying the Charlotte Mason method/philosophy of education in her book “A Charlotte Mason Education.” The book is divided up into twenty chapters: Introduction, Charlotte Mason, The Method in Brief, Narration, Literature, Poetry, Composition, Handwriting, Spelling, Foreign Language, Grammar, Science, Math, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Free Time Handicrafts, Bible, History, Geography, Citizenship and Morals, The Formation of Habit. Included in the back of the book are the appendix and biliography. The “tool box” approach allows you to take a tool from the box, read the description of the tool, learn how the tool fits into the method, why it is important to the method and how to use the tool. The book is simplistic in presentation, but extremely effective in application. The author has a website
which can be of further assitance in your home educating endeavors.
Kathy Alphs


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