Maps, Charts, Graphs


When searching for a curriculum to teach our child about maps, I came across “Maps, Charts and Graphs” by Modern Curriculum Press on the Rainbow Resource Center website. “Maps, Charts and Graphs Level A, The Places Around Me” teaches basic math skills to young children in a friendly and fun format. The consumable worktext is divided into twenty one lessons, covering topics such as reading a picture to reading bar graphs. The text is self explanatory with colored pictures throughout. An answer key is in the back of the book. The series “Maps, Charts and Graphs” consists of eight levels: Level A The Places Around Me, Level B Neighborhoods, Level C Communities, Level D States and Regions, Level E United States and its Neighbors, Level F Eastern Hemisphere, Level G The World and Level H United States Past and Present. The series can be utilized according to the grade level listed on the back cover or at your child’s own pace. This curriculum will give your child a firm foundation in reading and constructing maps, charts and graphs.
Kathy Alphs

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