During the Easter holiday season of 1972, our first grade teacher Mrs. Knowler read “The Easter Tree” by Katherine Milhous to our class. The book inspired the two first grade teachers, Mrs. Knowler and Mrs. Williams to create an in-door Easter Tree for their classrooms. Each student was instructed to bring a hollow chicken egg to school on Monday of the following week. Over the weekend, my parents and I spent several hours trying to blow the egg yolk and white out of a chicken egg.

After several attempts and hours had gone by, we finally met with sucess! Mother wrapped my egg in cotton wool, enclosed it in a plastic butter container for the transport to school. My egg did make it safely to school on Monday. During art time, we were instructed to paint and decorate our eggs with either watercolors or tempra paint and glitter. I choose to create a pastel pink shade for my egg and for the final touches a sprinkling of silver glitter was added. After our eggs dried, the teacher showed us how to add the string, and our class hung them on the tree. I remember standing in one spot, gazing up in wonder. The sunshine had come through the classroom window, which caused the eggs to sparkle like diamonds.


The week before Easter, the first grade class took a field trip to the local public library to view the legendary “Egg Tree.” The tree was the focal point of the library during the holiday season. Standing several feet tall, it was completely filled with decorated eggs of all shapes, sized, colors and designs. It was the most beautiful site I had ever seen! The tradition of the egg tree began when a fourth grade teacher read “The Egg Tree,” written and illustrated by Katherine Milhous to her class. The students asked if they could decorate their own egg tree. The local public librarian asked if the class egg tree could be placed on display at the library. Each year, since 1951, “The Egg Tree” has been a springtime focal point at the library. To create your own egg tree, please click on the enclosed link.http://www.peanutblossom.com/blog/2015/03/easter-egg-tree.html/

Kathy Alphs


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