A Child’s First Book of American History


After reading through V.M. Hillyer’s books, “A Child’s History of the World” and “A Child’s Geography of the World” I began searching for a book written on the topic of American history in a similar format. I did find a book titled “The Rainbow Book of American History,” by Earl Schenck Miers which fit the bill. However, the book had gone out of print. Thanks to Beautiful Feet Books, this literary gem is back in print for future generations to enjoy. To begin with the book has a new name, “A Child’s First Book of American History.” The book’s layout has been revised, and the color illustrations by James Daughtery are bolder and brighter thanks to modern technology.
“A Child’s First Book of American History” is a storybook, written in a narrative format with the author telling his children the story of our country. The book covers the time period from Leif Erickson to the dropping of the atomic bomb of World War II. To enhance the text James Daughtery has created memorable illustrations to aid the narrative.
“A Child’s First Book of American History” is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the people, places and events which have molded and shaped our nation.
Kathy Alphs

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