American History through the Eyes of a Girl

Portraits of American Girlhood: Seven Unit Studies  Using Popular Historical Fiction

The American Girl series was created by teacher, Pleasant Rowland to teach American History in a fun and engaging format. Homeschooling mother, Cindy Sotelo has taken Pleasant Rowland’s idea a step further to create the “Portraits of American Girlhood” unit study. The study is divided into seven units, one for each American Girl and arranged in chronological order according to their time period. Please note since the publication of this unit study two new American Girls have been introduced, Kaya and Julie. They are not covered in this unit study. The unit study covers social studies, history, grammar, science, math activities and character education. To complete your unit study you will need to have the following items on hand: American Girl book series of each American girl, cookbook/craft book for each American girl, “Welcome to ____’s World” for each American girl. The grade level listed for this unit study is grades 2-5. However based on our experience I would recommend it for grades 4-5.
Kathy Alphs


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