Bright Ideas in Science Curriculum

Christian Kids Explore Biology   -     By: Stephanie L. Redmond

While searching for a science curriculum to continue to build upon the scientific knowledge base our child has already acquired I discovered Christian Kids Explore Biology by Bright Ideas Press.

Christian Kids Explore Biology is a science curriculum which follows the teachings of “intelligent design” with the influence of the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education.

The curriculum is divided into 35 lessons covering the topics of Biology Basics, Plants in God’s World, Birds of the Earth, Mammals in the Wild, The Human Factor, Reptiles All Around, Insects High and Low, and Water Creatures. The lessons are divided into teaching time, checking it out, hands on time, quick quiz, memory work, vocabulary, coloring pages and “living books” to read. The curriculum contains notes for the teacher on “how to use this book” along with appendices including reproducible forms/maps, memorization lists, Scripture memory,ABC Animal Book, coloring pages, recipes/supplemental activities, answer key and book/resource list.
Kathy Alphs


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