36 Weeks Traveling Across the USA!

Cantering the Country Unit Study w/ CD-ROM | Main photo (Cover)

After going around the world for 36 weeks with “Galloping the Globe” our child thought it would be fun to follow up with an introduction to United States geography using “Cantering the Country.”
Cantering the Country” is a unit study curriculum for children in Grades 1-6 which introduces students to the fifty states and the District of Columbia.  The unit study is divided into the following categories: geography history and biographies science literature language arts Bible activities and internet resources Included with the teacher’s guide is an activities CD-ROM which contains printable activities and maps.
To round out your year of cantering I would recommend the following resources: Eat Your Way Across the USA by Loree’ Pettit,  Atlas of the United States by David Rubel,  Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowlton,  Earth Science for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave,  In God We Trust by Timothy Crater,  The Children’s Book of America and The Children’s Book of Heroes both by William J Bennett.
Kathy Alphs


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