First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise

After reading the positive reviews of this book on the internet, I decided to take a look.
I thought it would be a good follow up to Dr. Ruth Beechick’s book, “Language and Thinking for Young Children.”
“First Language Lessons” is authored by Jessie Wise, a former school teacher, administrator and mother of homeschooling graduate and author, Susan Wise Bauer. The curriculum is based on Mary Hyde’s series “English for the Thoughtful Child.”
“First Language Lessons” is divided into two sections, first and second grade. However you can use the book with children in upper elementary grades or when you feel your child is ready to begin grammar lessons.
On the first grade level your child will be covering the topics of nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, action verbs, poem memorization, picture narration, copywork, telephone numbers, days of the week, initials, days and months, seasons, oral composition, addresses, titles of respect, capitalization and punctuation, dates, statments, questions, commands and exclamations.
On the second grade level your child will be covering the topics of nouns, poem memorization, action verbs, linking verbs, types of sentences, commas, helping verbs, capitalization, picture narration, contractions, dictation, adjectives, predicate adjectives, helping verbs, interjections, conjunctions, letter writing, addressing an envelope, direct quotations, indirect quotations, quotation marks, adverbs, writing postcards, articles, prepositions, synonyms, antonyms, written compostion: ordering ideas, forming paragraphs, and copying the final work.
The author includes a chapter on “How to use this book” and a “glossary of terms” for the parent to reference.
Overall “First Language Lessons” builds a firm foundation in language arts for your first/second grade child.
I give this curriculum an A+!
Kathy Alphs


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