Further Up and Further In: A Literature Based Unit Study

I purchased the unit study “Further Up and Further In” for two reasons:
1. My child was interested in doing a unit study based on the classic C.S. Lewis book series “The Chronicles of Narnia.”
2. I am scheduled to teach a literary analysis/apologetics class on “The Chroncles of Narnia.”
“Further Up and Further In” is a unit study with each section corresponding to one of the books in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. Topics covered in this study are: Bible, art, music, cooking, English, reading, health and safety, geographical/social studies, history and science.
The pluses of this curriculum are:
1. The author does an outstanding job of extracting “Biblical truths” from “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. This provides the parent/teacher the opportunity to talk with the child/student in regard to the truths and how they relate to everyday life.
2. The curriculum can be used for a one to two year period of study.
3. The curriculum is extremely affordable. Additional resources can be found through a good library system.
4. The curriculum can be used with younger students at the upper elementary grade level and with older students in the junior to senior high years.
5. The unit study approach is ideal for teaching basic library skills to younger students. In regard to older students this approach works well at reinforcing library skills, while teaching research skills.
6. The unit study approach allows the parent/teacher and child/student to pick and choose what topics to cover and how in depth to dive into a topic.
7. There is a Facebook Group called Further Up and Further In. Parents/teachers are able to interact with the author, publisher and others using this curriculum.
The minuses of this curriculum:
1. It has not been updated in content since it was authored.
Overall I think the concept of using the classic C.S. Lewis series “The Chronicles of Narnia” for a unit study is a fantastic idea. I look forward to using this study in our own home school and with my enrichment students to coincide with the release of the Walden/20th Century Fox movie, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”
Kathy Alphs

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