Beautiful Feet Early American History Intermediate

bfbearlyamericanhistoryinterEarly American History Intermediate is authored by homeschooling mother Rea Berg. Early American History Intermediate is based on the teachings of British educator Charlotte Mason as described in Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s book “For the Children’s Sake” This American history course is written for grades 4-6 The course outline is as follows: Part 1 discovery and Settlement: The Vikings Marco Polo Columbus Jamestown The Pilgrims of Plymouth; Part 2 – The Colonial Era Pre-Revolutionary Era; Part 3 – The American Revolution; Part 4 – The Louisiana Purchase; Part 5 – the Civil War “Living books” such as “The Landing of the Pilgrims” by James Daugherty “America’s Paul Revere” by Ester Forbes “Amos Fortune Free Man” by Elizabeth Yates and “Abe Lincoln Grows Up” by Carl Sandburg are the backbone of the curriculum Note booking is incorporated into each lesson so at the end of the year your student will have a hand-made book of what they have studied Beautiful Feet Books publishes an “Early American History Intermediate Timeline” which I would highly recommend to accompany the student’s notebooking experience Overall our family has been very pleased with Early American History Intermediate In the future we look forward to continuing our study of World and American history with Beautiful Feet Books.
(Please note: Since my original review, this curriculum was revised in 2013.)
Kathy Alphs

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