Resource of the Week: Math is Fun


Let’s face it, our family loves the subject of math. My husband is a mechanical engineer, while my former profession before homeschooling was that of a respiratory therapist. Both of our professions have their basis in the subject of math. As parents we wanted to pass our love of numbers onto our child. During the preschool years, we played games, and read picture books which focused on math. By the time our child was ready to begin Kindergarten they were hooked on math.

However, I do realize not everyone who home educates shares our family’s love of this topic. Math is a complex subject and at times it can be down right confusing and frustrating. While doing an internet search I came across the website Math is Fun.

The purpose of Math is Fun is simple: To make math enjoyable and easy to learn from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  The website features curriculum for grades K-12, dictionary, games, puzzles, worksheets, and activities.
In our home school, Math is Fun has become a vital resource as our child has moved from elementary to higher order math.

Kathy Alphs


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