God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn

kids playingUnschooling was defined by the late John Holt as “learning that is interest-driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed.” Unschooling was en vogue while our family was living in Madison, Wisconsin. It was the buzzword and everyone who was homeschooling appeared to be doing it. I remember checking out a popular book on the topic of unschooling from the local public library. Coming from a classical education background, it was difficult for me to wrap my brain around the ideology of this particular educational philosophy. Unschooling was radical compared to classical education. Plus the populace who were utilizing this philosophy appeared to be irreligious. At the end of the day, I decided to pass on unschooling.

Fast forward nineteen years later to the year 2019. Unschooling is making a comeback and it appears everyone is doing it, including Christians. Homeschooling mother Julie Polanco has authored a book on this very topic titled, God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn. Through her own experience, the author will share with you how God led Julie and her children to live what she terms the unschooled life. It is through the unschooled life that Julie finally found joy and peace in her homeschooling journey.

god schooling

God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn is comprised of the following segments:
Part 1: Dispelling Myths
Biblical Support for Natural Learning
Motivation & Excellence

Part 2: Practice
Thoughts on Teaching Children Under Age Eight
Thoughts on Teaching Children Aged Eight to Twelve
Giving Teens the Wings to Fly
Spreading the Banquet
Getting Started
Some Q & A
Record-Keeping and Structure
Concluding Remarks

After finishing Julie’s book, my perspective on unschooling had made a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. I had a better understanding of what unschooling was and was not from a Biblical perspective. In closing I would like to leave you with Julie’s own thoughts on unschooling :
“Unschooling means allowing your children to choose what they would like to learn about and when and how they would like to do so. It means helping them to achieve their goals by working with them to organize their time. It means respecting their individual developmental time table. And, because they do not know all the possibilities, it is our job to expose them to all the richness and beauty of the world and let them sample in its delights. I recognize and collaborate with God and what He is doing in each child’s life rather than acting as though their futures are all up to me. Unschooling can be a very deliberate endeavor, not necessarily haphazard.”

Kathy Alphs

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